5 Common Struggles when Starting a Web Design Business in 2024 (SOLVED)

Watch me help Alexia, an early-stage web designer through some of her struggles getting her web design business off the ground. I just put together a new (free) guide to starting and building your web biz here:

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If you’re a web designer who’s serious about starting or building your web design biz, I’m guessing there are some glaring challenges and struggles you’re going through. And if you feel alone in those struggles…you’re not.

There are so many common challenges I hear from web designers who are serious about starting, building and growing their web design business which we’re going to solve here in this special coaching Q&A session.

Alexia, an early-stage web designer who has been stuck starting her web design business while combating analytics paralysis, finally took the leap to join my community Web Designer Proβ„’ and she graciously allowed me to repurpose a recent coaching chat for you!

We cover:

βœ… How to decide what services to offer
βœ… How to decide what website platform to use
βœ… How break out of the content consuming cycle and actually get stuff done
βœ… What pricing model and rates to start off with
βœ… How to overcome the dreaded imposter syndrome and more

A big thanks to Alexia for sending in these questions and allowing us to take this publicly because I know she’s not alone. I hope this helped you out as well!

Video timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction & what we’re going to cover
01:23 – What services to offer
07:43 – Which website platform to use
14:43 – How to go from content to action
21:33 – Pricing and pricing model
28:15 – Overcoming imposter syndrome

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