Anyone Can Build a Website with WordPress and Divi – Chapter 15 of 18: Portfolio Plugins

This is part 15 of a complete course focused on teaching you how to use WordPress with the popular subscription-based Divi theme to create a basic website. This course is intended for beginners, designers, animators and anyone else interested in learning fundamental website design and development skills using a primarily visual approach. We begin with going through website hosting and a basic example of building a web page from scratch with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This will help you to understand the web technologies that WordPress is built upon. Detailed workflows will then be revealed to design and develop simple websites from start to finish.

Chapter 1: Instructor and Hosting Intro
Chapter 2: Hosting Setup and HTML Primer
Chapter 3: CSS Basics and WordPress Setup
Chapter 4: Plugins and Themes
Chapter 5: Divi Theme Basics and Menus
Chapter 6: Global Header and Footer
Chapter 7: Preparing Images for the Web
Chapter 8: Browser Screen Testing
Chapter 9: Divi Editing and Modules
Chapter 10: SSL and HTTPS Setup
Chapter 11: Updates and Backups Check
Chapter 12: Contact Form
Chapter 13: Inspecting CSS Code
Chapter 14: Adding E-commerce
Chapter 15: Portfolio Plugins
Chapter 16: Search Engine Optimization
Chapter 17: Accessibility Considerations
Chapter 18: Divi Resources


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