Build A Blog & Make Money Online – Complete WordPress Blog & Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2024

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Intro & Finished Website Preview: 00:00
Episode Start: 03:45

How To Buy A Domain Name: 03:50
Get Web Hosting From Cloudways: 09:05
Verify Cloudways Account: 10:35

Install WordPress On Cloudways: 11:55
Connect Domain To Cloudways Server: 13:40
Login To WordPress Admin Area: 15:20

Add SSL Certificate To WordPress Website On Cloudways: 16:30
Setup WordPress Permalinks: 17:30
WordPress General Settings Configuration: 18:35

WordPress Plugins and Themes Explained: 20:48
How To Add, Remove, And Install WordPress Plugins: 21:45
How To Add, Remove, And Install WordPress Themes: 24:00

Install Blocksy Pro WordPress Theme & Blocksy Starter Site Plugin: 25:00
How To Install Blocksy Pro: 28:30
How To Get A WordPress Website For FREE In 10 Minutes: 26:10

Setup Coming Soon Landing Page WordPress: 32:45
The 3 Best WordPress Security Plugins: 33:40
Setup Coming Soon/Maintenance Mode Page On WordPress: 35:22

How To Secure Your WordPress Website: 38:00
Really Simple SSL WordPress Plugin Setup Tutorial: 38:06
Sucuri WordPress Plugin Setup Tutorial: 39:40
UpdraftPlus Backup Tutorial: 40:45

Create Custom Blog Home Page WordPress & Blocksy: 44:10
How To Change Your Home Page In WordPress: 47:10
Add A Page To Your Menu WordPress: 50:10

Customize Your WordPress Blog With Blocksy: 52:00
How To Create A Custom Blog Page In WordPress & Blocksy With Gutenberg: 53:50
How To Use Gutenberg To Build Web Pages: 1:01:50

How To Get Copyright Images For Your Website: 1:12:40
How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog & Website For Free: 1:15:40
Add Logo & Site Icon To WordPress Website Blocksy Theme: 1:18:40

Edit WordPress Header & Footer Blocksy Theme: 1:20:00
How To Choose Colors For Your Brand – Branding Masterclass & Color Psychology Explained: 1:25:50
How To Get Colors For Your Website – Coolors: 1:27:50

WordPress & Blocksy Global Colors: 1:28:40
Editing The Home Page: 1:30:00
2 Ways To Write Blog Posts On WordPress: 1:34:02

How To Use AI To Write Blog Posts: 1:42:40
How To Increase Traffic On Your Blog: 1:43:50
How To Monetize Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing: 1:45:38

How To Sell Affiliate Products On Your WordPress Blog: 1:47:20
5 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog: 1:51:10
Outro & End Of Tutorial: 1:53:30


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Completely Secure Your WordPress Website In 2024:

Margin & Padding Explained In Under 5 Minutes:

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create a money-making blog that generates thousands of website visitors/blog readers each month using WordPress & Elementor.

This tutorial is made for beginners and more experienced WordPress users in 2024. The tutorial will teach you how to build a blog website on WordPress, how to design your blog to increase traffic and conversions, how to design your website with SEO and making money in mind, how to do UI/UX Design for a blog website, and general tips, tricks, and strategies we’ve learned in our almost 1 decade of experience in the industry of Digital Marketing & Website Development.

Your blog will be fully responsive which means that it will show just as well on mobile and tablet devices as it will on desktop. We will teach you what responsiveness means in website design as well as how to design and build a responsive website in Gutenberg and WordPress.

Let’s Learn how to make a blog on WordPress with Blocksy Pro & Gutenberg.


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