GoDaddy Review – Best Builder and Hosting Combo?

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There aren’t many hosting providers that would be as big as GoDaddy while also having a mixed reputation… Some corners of the internet talk about how expensive its shared hosting is, others that Godaddy website builder is lame, and so on and so on… But how about we take a look ourselves? From hosting to website building, let’s find out what is true in this GoDaddy review 2022…

Is GoDaddy Website Builder Any Good?

🚧 Now, template-wise, you get the choice of around… 20 templates, yeah, 20, not 200… just 20. Quality over quantity is my favorite phrase… but… even with that mindset, most templates look quite similar. Since the structure of every website will kind of be the same, I found myself longing for interesting Squarespace designs or colorful Zyro templates.

🚧 But I don’t want to sound too negative, GoDaddy website creator designs look modern, and for a portfolio or a simple store, I can guarantee that you’ll find something matching your needs. I personally like the Karl Bewick and Glamore GoDaddy website builder templates.

🚧 One very important aspect of GoDaddy – there are no individual elements. Everything is done by adding, rearranging, or customizing sections. These sections are pre-built with all the needed elements, and they also have a few different layouts to spice things up.

🚧 On the one hand, this limits a lot of your creativity and makes your website fit into a certain mold. On the other hand, the GoDaddy website builder has an extensive array of these sections for nearly every occasion, and working with pre-build items may remove the indecisiveness for some users.

Looking for an alternative to the GoDaddy website builder?

🧨 Zyro (now Hostinger) website builder – Beginner-friendly & flexible – ➡️

✅ Very affordable
✅ Simple and easy-to-customize templates
✅ Pretty helpful AI tools

🧨 Squarespace – Stylish business website builder – ➡️

✅ Over 110+ responsive all-purpose templates
✅ Unlimited storage and bandwidth
✅ Strong eCommerce platform

Is the GoDaddy Hosting Any Good?

🚧 The cheapest plan here is Economy, starting at around $6 a month. Of course, that’s if you go with a 3-year billing option. This plan is only for one website, and you can notice that GoDaddy hosting is one of a few providers that don’t offer unlimited websites for shared hosting. The max is 50. The more expensive plans increase not only the resources you get but also your performance. You can get up to 2GB of RAM and two processors with the Maximum plan, compared to the standard 512 MB and one processor.

🚧 The good thing in this GoDaddy website review – you get unmetered bandwidth, DAILY backups, a free domain name, and two professional mailboxes for a year. The bad, well, you only get 25 GB of storage space, considering that Hostinger gives you 50GB for under $2, that’s a bit low… this cheapest plan also gives you free SSL only for one year. Let’s look at actually managing your website. It’s a big mixed bag. In general, the controls aren’t that complicated, and most of what you need to do, like Godaddy WordPress setup or Godaddy email setup, can be done throughout the native dashboard.

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So, is GoDaddy good? It’s not a bad provider. Most of what it does it does really well, business tools, control panel, website builder, and performance. However, it’s also more expensive than other providers in both hosting and website-building fields. Ultimately I would recommend GoDaddy if you want an all-rounded business suite with many features…


00:00 – Intro
0:30 – What is GoDaddy Website Builder?
1:10 – GoDaddy Website Builder Templates
2:52 – GoDaddy Website Builder Plans
4:43 – GoDaddy Website Builder Business Tools
5:48 – GoDaddy Hosting
6:16 – GoDaddy Hosting Pricing
8:33 – GoDaddy Hosting Performance
9:11 – Conclusion

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